The 10 most common items stolen from your home

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Naturally, we tend to assume that if a burglary takes place then the stolen items that spring to mind are your most valuable possessions – anything from flatscreen TVs to expensive jewellery.

But it’s important to remember that not all thefts take place when you’re asleep or your property is empty. Additionally, these thefts are most likely opportunists rather than a planned burglary.

Here is a list of the most common items that are stolen from homes >

1. Bicycles

2. Mobile phones

3. Power tools

4. Laptops

5. Tablets

6. Cameras

7. Golfing equipment

8. Gardening tools

9. Audio equipment

10. TVs

What can you do to protect your valuables?

A number of key actions should be put into place to prevent burglars attempting to gain access to your property.

Doors & windows

Significantly many people leave their windows unlocked and sometimes even doors. Always ensure you have locked windows and doors following use and before you leave, including garages, huts and rear entrances.

Secure valuables in a home safe or lockbox

If it is small and not mounted, consider having your safe bolted to the floor since many burglars will simply take it with them. Give your passcode or combination only to a trusted loved one in case of emergency. Don’t leave it posted anywhere in your house easily accessible to an intruder.

Change the locks when moving into a new place

If you’re a renter, ask the landlord to change them if it wasn’t already done. Even if an old tenant returned all the keys originally issued, there’s no way to know for sure if there were ever other copies made and distributed. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to a stranger being able to walk into your locked home.


Consider buying a home security system.

There are countless features with any security system, and some particularly valuable ones are sensors at exterior doors, windows, and the door attached to the garage, an outdoor alarm to alert other neighbours to an intrusion, and security cameras. Select the features that best fit your needs and once it’s installed, make it a regular habit to use it. Though it may seem inconvenient to have to arm the system every time you leave the house, many burglars are aware that the responsibility is often neglected and may not be deterred by window stickers or yard signs warning of home protection.

Remember we are able to carry out a free security check at your home to assess your security needs. Get in touch to book yours now.