Access Control systems are an important way to protect your property and belongings in addition to any alarm systems you may have. At Carlton Alarms, we only fit the highest quality Access Control Systems that are best suited to your premises and requirements.


We install Access Control systems that are easy to manage and use, without compromising on security. Access Control systems can be useful for a variety of different premises and properties, both residential and commercial, so if they’re something you are considering Carlton Alarms can help. 


As with all our services, we also provide a repair, take over and maintenance service for these systems. We are able to repair and service most makes of Access Control Systems and take over any system, whether in full working order or not. Initially, we would undertake an assessment of the system and the site it is covering to highlight any weaknesses and problems it may have.


Contact us for more information on the design and installation service of our access control systems.