At Carlton Alarms, we only fit the highest quality equipment, best suited to your premises and requirements.

We can design, install and maintain systems of all sizes from single camera domestic system to multiple camera IP based systems and everything in between. Systems can be set up to be viewed from a smart phone, your desktop PC or by a remote viewing station.


Maintenance of a CCTV system is crucial, although modern digital recorders have less moving parts than their predecessors, the time lapse video recorder, problems can and do occur. Regular maintenance will ensure you get the best possible image quality and system reliability.

Regular inspection and cleaning of all elements of a CCTV system is critical to its optimum performance. A clean view for all cameras is essential if any recorded footage is to be used as evidence.


We are able to repair and service most makes of CCTV systems.

Take Overs

We are able to take over any system, whether in full working order or not.

Initially we would make an assessment of the system and the site it is covering, highlighting any weaknesses, potential issues including data protection act compliance and any recommended upgrades.

Our maintenance and repair service can be arranged as an annual contract or as a pay-as-you go service.